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Addition vs. Location

Lynch ConstructionAsk any real estate agent what the most important characteristic of a property is and they will tell you, location.  So what do you do when your home is in a great location but it seems to be getting smaller as your family is growing?  The answer to that is simple.  Add space.

An addition is, many times, the most cost effective way to capitalize on your location and increase the value of your property.  Almost always less expensive than moving to a new, larger home, adding space is not always an inexpensive prospect. The value of an addition almost always proves to be well worth the investment.

The Contractor

Any addition project should involve an experienced and capable contractor.  A contractor with experience building additions will be able to advise a homeowner on their best options based up their individual needs.  A homeowner with a growing family will have different needs than a family that is seeking an addition for office space for a home based business.

The Size

The same is true with the size of an addition.  Too many times, homeowners go through the expense and effort of building an addition to their home, only to find out that it is too small.  The initial empty space size may seem more than adequate, but that space can decrease quickly once furniture or fixtures or put in place.

The Experience

Experience is a priceless commodity when it comes to getting the best value for the dollar in any home addition project.  An experienced contractor will be able to advise which materials may be the best materials for the project and which materials may not be worth the value of the project.  They will always use skilled contractors that are well versed on the challenges that are most often faced in an addition project.

New home builders seldom face the challenges of working in a space that is occupied by a home owner during the construction phases.  Contractors with addition experience always face these challenges and are willing to modify their schedules accordingly to limit the interruption to the lifestyle of the homeowner.  This may not seem like that big of a deal, until you are the home owner and it is your project.

So, when considering undertaking the building of an addition, the number one resource on your list must be a contractor with a great deal of experience in building home additions.

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